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Welcome to my practice...

Exploring counseling services for yourself, child, or family can feel daunting. It is a step toward improving relationships, helping a family member, or movement toward personal growth and healing.
These highly personal needs lead us to the personal decision of choosing a therapist. I invite you to read my biography and make a phone call or e-mail to ask questions about my practice and how my services may be of a resource to you.

Below are treatment issues that I specialize in:

  • Children and adolescents addressing loss, adjustment, anxiety, and depression
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Relationship growth and marital therapy
  • Adult anxiety, grief, and depression

 Please read more on my biography page or call to learn about my treatment approaches and training.

All calls and voice mail are confidential.

Working in the Washington DC Metro Area often raises questions about confidential treatment  and security. Please know that respect toward your privacy is of the highest priority.