Relationship Therapy

Couples and Relational Therapy:

Relationship and Marital Therapy is a speciality within the field of counseling.  It is important to note that any two people in a partnership can enter into couple's counseling. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have extensive training in working with couples to enhance their relationship or sort through challenging issues that the couple may be addressing. It is in our relationships that we are faced with situations and interactions that trigger emotions that can lead us to ineffective patterns of relating and disengagement over time. Couples go through various transitions which can occur early on in a relationship or many years into the journey. Relationship and marital therapy is much more than learning better ways to communicate, it is exploring the opportunity to  recharge and reset the  connection that was there in the beginning. There are many different reasons that a couple may begin therapy and sometimes these reasons are painful. Couples therapy is equally focused on creating new and healthy experiences in the relationship while processing issues or patterns that are interfering with a fulfilling relationship.

Most relationship sessions are 50 minutes; however, in some cases, extended sessions may be desired. After the initial session, individual sessions with each partner will be scheduled to gain further insight into family history and patterns. Activities and assignments may be encouraged between sessions to aid with growth and communication.